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Helping "second-hand" animals is something we feel strongly about. Whether it's an unwanted well-cared-for family pet or an abuse or neglect case, every animal deserves a chance. Sometimes an animal has a difficult time finding a new home for one reason or another. Perhaps it's an animal that "needs work". But many times they are unwanted through no fault of their own. Every animal that has found their way to us has enriched our life and is a loved member of our family.

Why Weimaraners and Thoroughbreds? Weims are a wonderful breed of dog, most noted for their beautiful coloring. But they are not a dog for everyone. They have unique personalities and needs, which owners either find endearing (as we do) or a nuisance. I feel that is why many end up in shelters, want ads and rescues.

I have ridden many Thoroughbreds over the years and have always admired their courage and athleticism. There are large numbers of racehorses retiring every year, so it is difficult to find suitable homes for all of them. Many start new careers as riding horses, broodmares, stallion prospects or companions. But many face an uncertain future, as did our horse, Bell.