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How much for that doggie in the window?
The sad face staring back at you from your computer screen can be hard to resist. Knowing that they are in a high-kill shelter makes it even more difficult. Before deciding to rescue a dog, please think carefully of what is involved beyond the adoption and transportation costs. Making the rescue a success for both you and the dog will depend highly on your past dog experience, patience and budget.

Rescuing a dog long-distance can be challenging and expensive. The logisitics alone can be daunting—the dog needs to be picked up by someone, vetted and boarded until transport. And finding transport can be difficult. Many dogs are strays, so their past history is unknown. Whether or not they will get along with your cat, children or other dogs will remain to be seen. If the dog is older, they may have behavioral issues or unwanted habits that will require understanding and patience to resolve. Many southern dogs spend their time outside and may not be housebroken. Internal parasites, heartworms or other health issues can also be present, even in young puppies, and will require immediate vet attention. Most dogs are not neutered or spayed, another expense to consider. All of these are strong factors to think about before deciding to rescue a dog online, as there are no guarantees.

There are many rescues and shelters across the country who take in dogs from high-kill shelters. The volunteers have time to work with the dog, to evaluate their health and temperment. You'll get to meet the dog and decide if they are a good match for you and your family. Adopting one of these dogs still helps, as it makes room for another to be rescued.
Dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes end up in shelters