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Original artwork that I am donating to the Weim & Cheese Auction

Life With Our Weims: The Funny Side

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Breed Links: (click on the text below to go to the websites)
AKC Breed Info: The official registry information
Breed History: The Weimaraner's German roots
National Weimaraner Club: In-depth breed information, show events & activities, Weim rescue and more!

Breed Rescue:
Weimaraner Rescue of the South: They take in many Weims from kill shelters and rescue cases, as well as those who simply need a new home. They host an annual benefit auction which is held this year on March 31. The proceeds go directly towards helping the dogs.

Breed Rescue Nationiwide:
Weimaraner Rescue: Good resource—they even have a quiz for potential Weim owners.

General Links of Interest:
The Dog Whisperer: Cesar Millan is amazing. I recently bought his book and he is sitting next to a Weim (no surprise!). Excellent reference for any dog owner.

William Wegman: The photographer who made Weims famous & well-known. As a Weim owner, I'm equally impressed (amazed, actually!) that his dogs sit so still!