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Paying homage to the Grey Ghost's sense of humor
I love all of our dogs. I really do. But Tucker and Max are... well... normal dogs. Our Weims can be such clowns and do things that make us laugh hysterically (like the photo of Rufus sleeping, below). And do things that test our sense of humor. So here it is: the good, the bad, and the funny.

Wei·ma·ra·ner \vī-m-rä-nr, wī-; vī-m-, wī-\ Origin: German, from Weimar knuckle, + –aner –head

Understanding Weimaraners:
A highly intelligent breed that will dominate a novice owner
I learned that the hard way with Rufus. He is very smart, but in a juvenile delinquent way—he is so willful and always getting into mischief! So I made an appointment with a trainer. Because he is Rufus, he behaved like a perfect angel: "Look at me, I am such a good boy!". She was completely fooled.

Weims are "people-oriented" dogs
Our Weims want to be near us as much as possible. This includes squeezing onto the couch into a space half their size. The other half is blocking our view of the TV. Sleeping on the bed is discouraged, as it equates to waking up cramped, clinging to the edge or because my legs have gone numb. This trait has also earned them the esteemed honor of being recognized as Unofficial Testing Dogs for the American Kennel Manufacturers Association.

Weims can be destructive when left alone too long
Think of it as an opportunity to redecorate! We are now on our third couch. Our Weims "help out" by weeding through our old magazines or mail. They also like to play stimulating guessing games by leaving tiny clues on the floor: "Honey, what did we have that was made of grey plastic?".